Bizarre Apps

TDP(Truth or Dare Pro)

Feeling bored and need to lighten the mood try TDP by Bizarre Apps guaranteed to make good times even better. (Available in Amazon and Appslib Appstores).


Carry a notepad wherever you are with the Epic(Quick)Note apps. EpicNotes is a unique notepad for your Android device. The app allows you to create a password for your notes, and even personalize them with Themes. EpicNotes features multi-colored text, night and day mode, and back-up via e-mail. Save, load, and delete notes with a single click. Give EpicNotes a try and bring secured notebook anywhere, anytime.(Available on Amazon Appstore)


AutoReply is an all-in-one reply messaging system. Choose from nine message templates, reply to a single person, or reply to a group, or reply to all incoming text. The app also has the ability to read your text out loud, and also has a timer for disabling it. Give AutoReply a try and enjoy the ability to politely let your contacts know you are unavailable.

Parkdroid Pro

Do you have trouble finding your parked car after going to a party the mall...Trouble no more with parkdroid just save your location then get directions(Available in Amazon and Appslib appstores)


A space invader adventure try to get the highest score and remember the faster you win higher the score! (Available in Appslib and Amazon appstores)


The app that started it all...the first full fledged app of the genius developer ZIOX Odd (Available on Amazon Appstore)(Available on Appslib)